Pussy Heaven…..

Pussy is the best unique feature of a woman.

I gives birth to a new-born child, it defines a woman as one, it gives pleasure to a lover.
Pussy Pics Project is all about praising this magnificant organ, this…

Pussy Heaven.

Here I am going to post pictures of real amateur women’s pussies, each post will be dedicated to a single unique woman.

There will be no porn pics, no web pics, only true and genuine beautiful female pussies, each one telling a story.

Disclaimer: Some of the girls are prostitutes, some are ordinary next-door-girls. All are legal, over 18 years old women, photographed by me in person.

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Sharon, 26 years old – Part 4

Well, this is more about bragging.

During the photo session she got so turned on, and naturally was I, so she pleased me orally. I couldn’t post the actual oral action without showing her face. While pleasing me, she had her fingers working on herself….


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Sharon, 26 years old – Part 3

Not Pussy at all, but still, soooo nice….


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Sharon, 26 years old – Part 2

a few more pics of Alina.

I know its been a long time since the last post of her but it was worth waiting.

And, oh, wait for the 3rd and 4th part, they are completely different… ;-)





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Sharon, 26 years old – Part 1

Name: Sharon.
Age: 26
Occupation: Student and waitresses.
Story: Sharon is a student in Tel Aviv, she works at a local restaurant as a waitresses and she crossed my Ad accidentally. She saw in nude modeling an adventurous way to increase her income.







In a few days I will post Part 2…

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Alina, 31 years old.

Name: Alina
Age: 31.
Occupation: Owns a woman’s clothing store.
Alina has a boyfriend for several years. A few weeks back she cought him cheating on her so she took this photo session for revenge.







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Dalia, 52 years old.

Name: Dalia.
Age: 52.
Occupation: Executive Manager at a HiTech company.
Dalia is a 52 years old woman, she is addicted to sports and to Outdoor Extreme Activities. She wanted to add nude and porn to her personal “resume”.
I have her permission to post only the nude pics, not the porn she had with several guys in front of my camera….
I have shot her on several sessions, this is the first set of her.








More of her will come in future posts.

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Ginger, 28 years old.

Ginger (fake name, of course) is a 28 years old married woman who had a strong wish, since she was a teenager, to show the world how a red vagina looks like, for real.
She answered to one of my ads, we met at a motel, where I took her red Vagina’s pics.
After the photo session was over, she reviewed the pics and allowed me to post only a few.

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More pics of Veronique

Here are some more pics of Veronique.

This is not quite a Pussy Pic, but it shows Veronique in all her Feminine glory…

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Veronique, 49 years old.

Name: Veronique.
Age: 49

This is a special post for a VERY special Lady.
Veronique is a woman who contacted me to post on this website, but since her self-taken pictures were not good enough we met and I took pictures of her.
She was VERY responsive and HIGHLY sensual, and I had a GREAT time.
Just notice how her body is fit and firm at her age, after giving birth to 3 children…

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Rachel, 34 years old.

Rachel is a single mom, and occasionally we “fool around”…
She does not have a perfect body but she is VERY sexual and enthusiastic in bed…

My fingers REALLY had fun that day…

…And so did Rachel…

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