Pussy Heaven…..

Pussy is the best unique feature of a woman.

I gives birth to a new-born child, it defines a woman as one, it gives pleasure to a lover.
Pussy Pics Project is all about praising this magnificant organ, this…

Pussy Heaven.

Here I am going to post pictures of real amateur women’s pussies, each post will be dedicated to a single unique woman.

There will be no porn pics, no web pics, only true and genuine beautiful female pussies, each one telling a story.

Disclaimer: Some of the girls are prostitutes, some are ordinary next-door-girls. All are legal, over 18 years old women, photographed by me in person.

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Alina, 31 years old.

Name: Alina
Age: 31.
Occupation: Owns a woman’s clothing store.
Alina has a boyfriend for several years. A few weeks back she cought him cheating on her so she took this photo session for revenge.







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Dalia, 52 years old.

Name: Dalia.
Age: 52.
Occupation: Executive Manager at a HiTech company.
Dalia is a 52 years old woman, she is addicted to sports and to Outdoor Extreme Activities. She wanted to add nude and porn to her personal “resume”.
I have her permission to post only the nude pics, not the porn she had with several guys in front of my camera….
I have shot her on several sessions, this is the first set of her.








More of her will come in future posts.

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Ginger, 28 years old.

Ginger (fake name, of course) is a 28 years old married woman who had a strong wish, since she was a teenager, to show the world how a red vagina looks like, for real.
She answered to one of my ads, we met at a motel, where I took her red Vagina’s pics.
After the photo session was over, she reviewed the pics and allowed me to post only a few.

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More pics of Veronique

Here are some more pics of Veronique.

This is not quite a Pussy Pic, but it shows Veronique in all her Feminine glory…

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Veronique, 49 years old.

Name: Veronique.
Age: 49

This is a special post for a VERY special Lady.
Veronique is a woman who contacted me to post on this website, but since her self-taken pictures were not good enough we met and I took pictures of her.
She was VERY responsive and HIGHLY sensual, and I had a GREAT time.
Just notice how her body is fit and firm at her age, after giving birth to 3 children…

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Rachel, 34 years old.

Rachel is a single mom, and occasionally we “fool around”…
She does not have a perfect body but she is VERY sexual and enthusiastic in bed…

My fingers REALLY had fun that day…

…And so did Rachel…

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Some more pics of Lena

Here are some more pictures of Lena from this post.

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Vlada, more pictures

These are more pictures of Vlada.

She really was a sweet one :)




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Lena (not the same one…), 37 years old.

Name: Lena
Age: 37
Occupation: Part time prostitute.
Story: Lena is a hairdresser, single mother to two kids, her ex husband is in prison for theft. She makes some extra incomes working occasionally on the streets.


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Vlada, 32 years old.

Name: Vlada
Age: 32.
Occupation: Prostitute.
Story: Vlada was a nurse, in her origin country, and when she moved here she was required to take some exams, which she failed to pass. So, unemplyed, unmarried, without any family or help, she started working on the streets.

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