Some more pics of Lena

Here are some more pictures of Lena from this post.

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Vlada, more pictures

These are more pictures of Vlada.

She really was a sweet one :)




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Lena (not the same one…), 37 years old.

Name: Lena
Age: 37
Occupation: Part time prostitute.
Story: Lena is a hairdresser, single mother to two kids, her ex husband is in prison for theft. She makes some extra incomes working occasionally on the streets.


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Vlada, 32 years old.

Name: Vlada
Age: 32.
Occupation: Prostitute.
Story: Vlada was a nurse, in her origin country, and when she moved here she was required to take some exams, which she failed to pass. So, unemplyed, unmarried, without any family or help, she started working on the streets.

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Lena, 36 years old.

Name: Lena (or Yelena, her full name).

Occupation: Prostitute.

Story: Lena works on the streets for almost 6 years, after “falling” for drugs. She tries to rehab every now and then but she doesn’t really succeed with this. Sad.
About two months ago she was raped and robbed by a client and his friends, who were waiting in the bush near her regular “spot”…
For some reasons I managed to take only one picture of her so here it is.


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Nataly, Some new Pictures.

Three more pictures of Nataly from Ashkelon.

I hope my hand doesn’t interfere with the view…

The following pics are not exactly Pussy but I couldn’t resist…

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Janet, 47 years old.

Name: Janet.

Age: 47 years old.

Occupation: Prostitute.

Story: I was looking for a girl to take photos of and Janet appeared out of a side street. She offered me her “services” for a ridiculously low  price but I declined and took her only for the photos.
It is quite rare to find a “working girl” with a hairy Vagina…

At a certain point she had to pee…

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Nataly, 34 years old.

Name: Nataly.

Age: 34.

Occupation: Bank Teller during Day time and prostitute by night.

Story: Nataly was a drugs addict prostitute until 3 years ago. When her daughter was born, she got herself into rehab, stopped the drugs and Alcohol usage, found a “Decent” job at a local bank, but since the salary was not enough, she continued to work on the streets, for a complementary income.


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Osnat, new pictures

I met Osnat once more, she was sweet and sexy as always.

I just forgot to change batteries in my camera…..

And…yes, it is my finger.

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Shelly, 44 years old.

Name: Shelly.

Age: 44 years old.

Occupation: Prostitute.

Story: Shelly is a nice person, a former drug addict who is “clean” for the last 5 years. Since she has several Police records, she can’t find a proper job so she makes her living at the beach, as a prostitute.

I just LOVE this angle….

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