Janet, 47 years old.

Name: Janet.

Age: 47 years old.

Occupation: Prostitute.

Story: I was looking for a girl to take photos of and Janet appeared out of a side street. She offered me her “services” for a ridiculously low  price but I declined and took her only for the photos.
It is quite rare to find a “working girl” with a hairy Vagina…

At a certain point she had to pee…

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Nataly, 34 years old.

Name: Nataly.

Age: 34.

Occupation: Bank Teller during Day time and prostitute by night.

Story: Nataly was a drugs addict prostitute until 3 years ago. When her daughter was born, she got herself into rehab, stopped the drugs and Alcohol usage, found a “Decent” job at a local bank, but since the salary was not enough, she continued to work on the streets, for a complementary income.


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Osnat, new pictures

I met Osnat once more, she was sweet and sexy as always.

I just forgot to change batteries in my camera…..

And…yes, it is my finger.

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Shelly, 44 years old.

Name: Shelly.

Age: 44 years old.

Occupation: Prostitute.

Story: Shelly is a nice person, a former drug addict who is “clean” for the last 5 years. Since she has several Police records, she can’t find a proper job so she makes her living at the beach, as a prostitute.

I just LOVE this angle….

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Marina, 30 years old.

Name: Marina

Age: 30 years old.

Occupation: Part-time prostitute.

Story: Marina is a single mother, cleaning offices for her living. Occasionally, when finances are tough, she work on the streets to make some complementary income. The pictures were taken in a very dark location so  I mostly “shot in the dark” and the pics don’t do her well at all….Just notice the sweet-sweet Clit on the first two images…

BTW, the belly seen in the last image is because the way she stood, she isn’t fat, not at all….

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Rina, 33 years old.

Name: Rina.

Age: 33 years old.

Story: Rina is a nurse in an Geriatric Hospital. She is divorced, and we “play” occasionally, just for fun. She has another guy, who doesn’t know I exist, but I don’t mind sharing….

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Lena, 23 years old.

Name: Lena.

Age: 23

Profession: Economics student in New Zealand.

Occupation: Lena works as a waitresses at a pub in a town near Auckland. She has a fiance and is engaged to be married in the summer. She took these pics (and some more) as an erotic adventure she had with her boyfriend.

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Lek, 26 years old, Cambodia

Name: Lek
Age: 26
Occupation: Student.
Lek’s story: Lek is the first girl that contacted me, wanting to post her vagina’s pictures on the site. She is from Cambodia and contacted me about two months ago. The first pictures she sent me were mostly face pics, boobs pics (not that I dislike them but its not the right place for them) and only after several emails she finally provided with the right material.

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Cobi, 34 years old.

Name: Cobi (actually her real name is Elisabeth But Cobi is how her friends call her).

Age: 34 years old.

Occupation: Self employed, works from home.

Story: Cobi is a married housewife, she makes MUCH more money than her husband who cheats on her regularly, in order to try and boost his rock-bottomed ego. I met her at a convention i Vienna, we had some really nice time together.

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Carol, 26 years old.

Name: Carol.

Age: 26.

Occupation: She was a British tourist in my country, when I met her.

Story: Carol and a girl friend (NOT a girlfriend) were visiting here, and her friend found a local guy to go with. I met Carol in a Pub, we went to the guesthouse she was staying at, and after some nice sex she posed for me.

I just HAD to include her thong pics as well, I couldn’t resist…

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